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Established in 2000, J&J Accessories has been manufacturing and distributing all kinds ofgarment and shoes accessories, including lace trimmings, buttons, imitation leather beltsand diamond jewelry. We have established sales channels in European, American and Asianmarkets. Our export turnover reached $300,000 in 2006.

Our R&D team is staffed with seven designers, one of which is a Frenchman with more than adecade’ experience. We release over 50 new models each month, adding to our already wideproduct range. Your rough ideas will become a working sample within 10 days.

We source from 30 reliable materials suppliers in mainland China, many working with us for the last six years. Twenty quality inspectors double-check all incoming materials, ensuring they are azo-, nickel- and lead-free. That's why Outlook, Naf Naf, Chanel and other buyers from more than 20 countries have made their choice upon us.

  Our 300 production staff work in our 1,000-square-meter workshop. We will employ up to 1,000 people to boost our capacity. Currently we output 100,000 to 200,000 units monthly, so that you will be rest assured of on-time delivery. Delivery time is within 10 days, with an MOQ of $50.
Let our 10 salespeople who speak English, French and Japanese help you with your sourcing needs. Contact us today.